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Confidentiality and Anonymity

  • The data obtained from the respondent are stored in complete confidentiality and anonymity. The company strictly prohibits the submission of data to third parties or the use of this data for personal reasons.
  • This in accordance with Albanian Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, amended by law no. 48/2012, amended by law no. 120/2014 "ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA" as well as in accordance with the international code of market and social research and the principles of ESOMAR, an international organization of which our company is a member and respects. Its instructions / practices / rules.

@The code is based on the following basic principles: 

  • Market researchers need to behave ethically and not do anything that could damage the reputation of the market study.
  • Market researchers, interviewers need to be especially careful when conducting interviews with children and young people.
  • Collaboration with respondents is voluntary and should be based on appropriate information and not misleading information or misunderstandings about the purpose and general nature of the project when their agreement is reached to participate and all such statements should be honored/respected.
  • Respondents' rights as private individuals should be respected by market researchers and should not be violated or affected negatively as a direct result of cooperation in a market research project.
  • Market researchers should not allow the personal data they collect in a market study project to be used for a purpose other than that of market research.
  • The process of "Containing and storing personal data of respondents" is followed with professionalism and seriousness by the responsible staff in accordance with the internal regulations of the company and the relevant law.

Official member of ESOMAR

Data Centrum is an official member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) therefore it fully complies with the provisions of the International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice and implements ESOMAR the fieldwork quality standards.Esomar

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